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While we welcome any and all submissions, please note that not all submissions will be published. If it is published, your submission may be edited to fit the tone, style, and length requirements of the blog.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I’m Giri, postgraduate student in Computer and Information Science at AUT City Campus. This is my first semester and for my paper in Cloud Computing, I’m researching on Cloud Adaption and Cloud Methodologies of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Project. How cloud platform would be beneficial for the SKA. SKA mainly concentrates on HPC and Radio Astronomy. But after the initial launch of the Phase-1 of SKA, around 1 ExaByte of data will be generated which is very big scale (ExaScale) data for processing. Advanced HPC’s are required for the calculations of this. So, I am researching on how implementation of the cloud could be useful in the SKA.

    If anyone has any suggestions and opinions, please provide. Your contribution to the research will be duly appreciated.

    You can contact me on Blackboard also.

    Thank You,
    Harshgiri Gonsai

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