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Author: Dr Jennie BillotRetreat Sep 2014 2The Annual Masters Writers’ Retreat was held at Vaughan Park from September 1 to September 4 this year and proved to be another positive opportunity for thesis students! The weather treated us well and David and I enjoyed seeing the group share their topics and research strategies.

Read some of the comments from students who were at the retreat. Have you any questions to ask them? Other students who attended can post their comments on to this site too…

Participants’ feedback from the Writers Retreat

Attending the retreat was very timely and the structure of the retreat meant that I achieved my writing goals – something I am pleased with.  The opportunity to have a one on one meeting was exceedingly valuable and the optional sessions pertinent to the Master’s thesis process.  The retreat also gave me the confidence to move forward and the motivation to now sit down and just write (own the text!).  I am very grateful for the last few days – Jennie and David’s assistance over the few days has been very much appreciated. Chris

I feel extremely privileged to have participated in the writing retreat and Vaughan Park. This provided me with an opportunity to really focus on my writing with amazing like-minded masters students from across AUT. Having time away from routine dedicated to writing with great support from Jennie and David gave me a new sense of confidence in my writing ability. I would highly recommend the retreat to all other postgraduate students. Neerali

Thank you very much indeed for a fantastic writing retreat. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to participate in it.  It was wonderful to be able to just think about and progress my journey with my thesis (with all usual daily household activities taken care of! The venue and environment are stunning and the meals excellent.) With the support available from Jennie and David, and through the short workshops provided, I was able to shift some blocks, get lots of useful suggestions and recommendations, pick up my thread and make some good progress. I particularly appreciated sharing this retreat with other Master’s students; it felt easy to identify with and support each other!
Many thanks again, Marlies

I would just like to say again just how much I enjoyed the retreat this week. For me it was so beneficial, unbelievably I drafted a whole chapter- which my supervisor said was a great first draft! I also got to meet other Masters students and was able to share my struggles and my thinking and sometimes help them in their journey too.
Just being amongst other Masters students was great because I always feel like “I am only doing a masters” when amongst PhD students.
It was a privilege to be there and I thank AUT for offering this opportunity.  I am now in the Masters zone and can actually see the finish line! Rosalind

The retreat was a perfect opportunity to share experiences, methodologies and other writing issues, both positive and challenging, with other Masters students. It was also valuable to be able to clarify process questions with Jennie and David during informal conversations.’ Many thanks, Linda

The retreat was very worthwhile to have dedicated time to reading and writing, and meeting others who are going through the same process. Excellent scenic location too -Smita

The Master’s Writing retreat was a truly amazing experience for all of us. Having 3 full days dedicated solely on writing is a great opportunity for anyone who is doing postgraduate studies. I just want to say a big thank you to the Jennie and David for their constant support and availability. Margarita

Words cannot express the benefits of the Writers Retreat. To have the time and space to write is a luxury that not everyone has. Thank you to the other participants whose advice was well received, and of course the facilitators. Would recommend the retreat to anyone who has the opportunity to go. Susan

A peaceful location, incredibly supportive facilitators and some fantastic people studying at AUT. This Writer’s Retreat was just what I needed to help get my thesis off the ground. Learnt something every second – Thanks a ton to everyone! Jyotsna

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  1. Well done Jennie and David for running another successful Writers Retreat!
    Sounds like the event was well attended again with positive feedback from participants. 🙂

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