Childcare Available on the City Campus

The AUT Early Childhood Centre on the city campus cares for the children of AUT staff and students. They have facilities for babies (from 6 months) and pre-schoolers, with indoor and outdoor play areas.

They currently have a vacancy for one 2-4 year old child who can start in a few weeks (4-5 days a week). If you have been thinking about having more time for your research (or other work), with your child near you in a well-resourced, well-run centre, please check out the centre online. You can fill out an online waiting list application form.

If you have any questions about the centre, you can phone Ra Forsyth at (09) 921 9804.

There is also an Akoranga Childcare Centre as well – check them out here.

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The Auckland University of Technology Graduate Research School offers support and resources to all postgraduate students at AUT. Come and visit us on the 5th floor of the WU building.

2 thoughts on “Childcare Available on the City Campus

  1. Good morning
    I am full time student at AUT .I have my baby 2 weeks old . My classes are going on . Is there any Childcare facility available for the baby to leave while I attend my lecture .

  2. Kia ora Manpreet, congratulations on your new addition to the whanau! The childcare facility on the city campus has closed since this article was posted in 2020. However, the Akoranga campus childcare is still open – see the link in the post above. They (and many other childcare facilities) only take babies 6 months and over, so you may find some challenges enrolling your baby until they are a little older. Good luck!

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