November 2016 UPC Postgraduate Writers’ Retreat

Another successful UPC Postgraduate Writers’ Retreat was completed at Vaughan Park, Long Bay from 7-10 November 2016. The retreat offered AUT postgraduate students an opportunity for independent writing time, free from daily distractions.

Here are some comments from the participants:

This retreat was a wonderfully supportive learning and writing environment for writing my dissertation, and has contributed enormously to my process of writing. This is indeed a most special place for our inner and outer writer to emerge. I have kept the momentum going since my return and am finding myself quite inspired by both the stimulation, the rest and the supportive environment. The facilitators offered us a wealth of expertise, which has made a significant contribution to my learning about writing. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone undertaking postgraduate writing.”   Marie

The writing retreat was pure uninterrupted bliss.  I have a busy family who despite being very supportive of my study inevitably have my attention.  The writing retreat is an opportunity to completely focus.  Whilst there are some sessions organised these were well-timed and were extremely helpful for improving my writing and thinking processes.  The only downside is that every time I go to Vaughan Park I put on weight.  The food is amazing.”

I found the retreat very rewarding. Being away from all of my life commitments which regularly distract me, being able to spend many hours on my topic helped me refocus and move forward with my work. I had time to reflect on my thesis and engage with it.  I also really enjoyed the other attendees as they all seemed to share similar battles but also were determined to move forward in some way. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the retreat.”

“I am very pleased that I was able to attend the UPC Postgraduate Writers’ Retreat last week. As I am juggling my full time work with my studying, this writers retreat offered me a wonderful opportunity to concentrate on reading and writing without distractions. In addition, it was greatly valuable to share and exchange ideas, insights and information with other postgraduate students to keep my research momentum.  Hopefully more students can benefit from this writers retreat facilitation. Thank you very much.”  Vivien

The PG Writing Retreat was a really great opportunity to focus on moving forward with a paper from my PhD. Being able to focus exclusively on the paper, without any distractions was a very valuable opportunity. By the end of the retreat I had written a rough first draft to share with my co-authors. It was also brilliant networking with other students and fascinating to hear about their studies.”

“Hello there. I have recently attended a UPC Writers Retreat which I found immeasurably beneficial to my writing process.  I have had a tough year of things outside of my Masters workload, however, being given this wonderful opportunity to be supported by such highly intelligent and encouraging Postgraduate staff on this retreat, I doubt very much I would have been able to more forward with my writing.  The workshops provided are stimulating and supportive and the availability to see the UPC staff for individual sessions made all the difference to me.  These retreats are an absolute God send, the environment is tranquil and beautiful and the meals unbelievably healthy and sustaining.  I will definitely be returning there in the future even if it has to be self funded.  Thank you so much for this huge gift towards my ultimate goal of gaining my Masters in Creative Writing.” Michele

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