Changes to AUT Doctoral and Master of Philosophy Enrolment

Currently, doctoral and Master of Philosophy students can be admitted and enrolled into their programme on a monthly basis throughout the year.

The University Postgraduate Board has determined that, from 2021, students admitted into these programmes will be enrolled in one of four intakes throughout the year:

  • Intake One 1st February
  • Intake Two 1st May
  • Intake Three 1st August
  • Intake Four 1st November

Students will continue to be enrolled for a 12-month period.


  • Admissions will continue to be considered on a monthly basis;
  • Enrolments other than on these dates may be considered in exceptional cases where a specific need is articulated;
  • Students in Professional Doctorates are only accepted into Intakes One and Three.

If you are already enrolled, this change will not affect you. However, you may notice that new research student colleagues will arrive in these cohort groups from next year.

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