PG Researchers Compete for Innovation Awards

The Innovation Challenge is a platform where AUT students explore potential startups, pitch their creative concepts, and compete for a prize pool worth up to $45,000. It’s an opportunity to be part of a programme that not only nurtures your business ideas but also connects you with fellow entrepreneurs, expert mentors, valuable resources, and the dedicated Innovation Challenge team.

This year, two postgraduate research students are among the six finalists competing for the top prizes. Please join us in cheering along Tanuj Wadhi and Hansini Gunasekara as they compete next Monday evening!

What innovative ideas have Tanuj and Hansini developed? Read on to find out!

Upthrive Leadership by Hansini Gunasekara

Elevate. Empower. Excel.

The success of an organization is determined by whether its employees are willing and able to speak-up, engage, and collaborate. Psychological safety, the ability to speak-up without the fear of negative consequences, plays a vital role in employee participation at work. It is the cornerstone of organisational success resulting in a wide range of positive outcomes such as increased performance, engagement, creative problem-solving, employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, and reduced stress, burnout, and turnover. However, there is a significant gap in research translating to management practice. Also, most leadership training resources out there are disconnected from the real-life needs of leaders and their teams, that they end up limited to a tick-box! In addition, current psychological safety tools are ‘one-size-fits-all’ and do not sufficiently address the diverse needs of the global workforce. Using my expertise in management consulting and research in leadership and inclusion, my goal is to create a research-backed, action-oriented digital leadership training platform, and a global leadership hub, focusing on fostering psychological safety for all employees.

#EliteVu by Tanuj Wadhi

Athlete Monitoring can help coaches better understand the progress of their athletes, thereby leading to improved planning and evaluation of training programs. Additionally, monitoring athletes can also help teams ensure they do not overload the athletes during training but also not under-load them. By optimizing load management, teams can improve performance outcomes, decrease injury risk and increase player availability. EliteVu offers teams with technologies to track performance and monitor the internal (e.g., cardiovascular and metabolic stress, etc.) and external loads (e.g., distance, velocity, etc.) of their athletes. We aim to empower the coaching team by providing key insights into their athletes health and recovery.

If you’d like to attend the Innovation Challenge Finals Night on Monday 13 November, you can get your free tickets here. Snacks will be provided from 4:15pm onward in the Atrium WG201, ahead of the event from 5pm – 8:30pm in the WA224 Conference Centre.

Editor’s note post-event: Tanuj Wadhi took out the top prize! Congratulations Tanuj!

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