6th Research Round Table – Thursday, August 22 from 2pm – 4pm, WH 415, Level 4, WH Building (AUT)

Authors: Dominik Huber & Guillaume Tiberghien, PhD Candidates in Tourism (AUT)

6th Research round table – Thursday, August 22 from 2pm – 4pm, WH 415, Level 4, WH Building (AUT)

Join the Research Roundtable and listen to Michael Kruesi and Carolyn Deuchar who are talking about data collection procedures.

Michael Kruesi is a PhD candidate at the School of Hospitality and he will present his research and his data collection approach. Michael is investigating the determinants of non-equity entry mode decisions in the hotel sector and more specifically the choice between franchising and management contracts. He has chosen a key informant study with 6 hotel executives, 2 hotel industry lawyers and 2 academics, which are almost completed analyzing.

We also will have Dr Carolyn Deuchar, Senior Research Officer at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, as specialist on data collection procedures. Carolyn just has accomplished her PhD about small tourism enterprise network formation in rural destinations. She has 10 years of data collection experiences with NZTRI and her PhD research and will give us interesting and valuable insights about the logistics and challenges of the whole data collection process:

“My session will be about collecting data (logistics, recruitment etc) but we’ll begin with a brief discussion about our own personal code of ethics as researchers – a code that guides our interactions with others. I’ll tell you a little about what guides my own personal code of ethics associated with human enquiry.  We’ll keep this discussion brief though and move on quickly.  Then we’ll get on to a nitty gritty discussion of ways to operationalise the data collection phase of your work.  I’ll talk about some of the ways we (at NZTRI) engage people in the research process and offer them an opportunity to participate.  I’ll discuss some of the things we keep in mind when designing research instruments, and how we identify the types and sources of data we need and the methods we use to collect it. We’ll talk about gatekeepers, networks, and recruitment.  I’ll also talk about a few things to think about in the data collection/analysis stages of your work – including data management and presenting data e.g. with a narrative logic (or data arranged with storytelling in mind).”

As always, please feel free to bring up any difficulties or issues you are currently facing in your own research project which we can discuss either immediately or as a next topic for following round tables. Just like last time we will have some tea, coffee and biscuits.

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