3 Minute Thesis Entries Now Open

Have you ever tried to describe your research to flatmates, cousins, or mail carriers? Have you noticed blank stares, slow nods, or swift changes of subject?

It can be incredibly challenging to translate complex research in a way that makes it both understandable and exciting. But it is possible, and the 3 Minute Thesis competition (or 3MT, for short) can help you to develop clear and engaging ways of talking about your work to those outside your field.

3MT is a global competition developed at the University of Queensland. The challenge is this: describe your research in just 3 minutes, with just 1 slide. Make it coherent and exciting, without ‘dumbing it down.’ If you can do that, not only will you improve your own research communication, but you could win great prizes as well!

Entries for the AUT 3MT competition are now open. Just fill in the online application form by June 10th, and submit your presentation by June 24th. Our judges will review the presentations and announce the finalists, whose videos will be screened at a special finals event on August 5th.

AUT’s Masters winner will go on to compete at a national competition, and our doctoral winner will compete at the Asia-Pacific finals.

Entry is open to all doctoral candidates who have passed their PGR9 by the date of the presentation, and all Masters students enrolled in a research project of 90 points or more. Graduates are not eligible.

This year, entries are by video submission. That means you won’t present live on stage, but you will get to take your time making a video presentation using as many takes as you need to get it right.

If you’d like to learn more about producing a high-quality 3MT entry, here are some resources to help:

If you have any questions, contact pgresearcherdevelopment@aut.ac.nz. We’re here to help you ace the 3MT!

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