Get the Most from your AUT LinkedIn Learning Account

Did you know that all AUT students get a free LinkedIn Learning account?

LinkedIn Learning (formerly is a database of learning resources designed for a wide range of professionals. Its video courses have a particularly strong focus on software training, personal skills, and data analysis techniques.

Once you’ve logged in with your AUT email and password (more instructions here), you’ll have access to over 16,000 video courses on thousands of topics and in 7 languages. Because the platform is not specifically designed for academic researchers, you might have to do a little digging to find the courses & resources that are most relevant to your research. Fortunately, we’ve done some of the legwork.

Here’s a selection of videos and training materials that are most suitable for PG researchers. Some refer to business practices, but many of the principles carry over well into our academic work.

Project planningLearning Gantt Charts

Creating Flowcharts for Beginners
Project Management Foundations: Schedules
DisseminationSpeaking Confidently and EffectivelyPresenting Technical Information with StoriesEditing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection
Data visualisationData Visualisation with Canva and FlourishLearning Data VisualisationAdvanced Data Visualizations: 10 Uncommon Plot Types and How to Use Them
You as a researcherGetting Organised for Peak Performance

Unconscious Bias
Becoming a Thought LeaderFiguring Out your Next Move
NetworkingThe Ultimate Guide to Professional NetworkingRelationship Building for Creative Leaders

There are also lots of options if you need to learn about particular technologies or software in the course of your research. Here are just a few topics that LinkedIn Learning can help with.

AI & Machine learningArtificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine LearningApplied Machine Learning: FoundationsSelf-Supervised Machine Learning
SPSSSPSS Statistics Essential TrainingDevelop Your SPSS Skills
Advanced Predictive Modeling: Mastering Ensembles and Metamodeling
RChoosing the Right Tool for Your Data: R, Python, or SQL
R Essential Training
Descriptive Healthcare Analytics in R

Healthcare Analytics: Regression in R
ArcGISArcGIS Pro Essential TrainingLearning ArcGIS Python Scripting
PythonPython Essential Training

Python for Non-Programmers
Python Data AnalysisTraining Neural Networks in Python

This is just a sample; so have a go exploring LinkedIn Learning and see what might be applicable to you!

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