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Have you heard about Studiosity? Studiosity is a great service that is available to all students at AUT, including research students. Studiosity offers two areas of support: subject support, and feedback on academic writing. While the level of subject support is unlikely to be specific enough for postgraduate researchers, the writing feedback is a service you may want to make use of. The feedback you receive is not on the subject matter of the writing, but around presentation issues such as clarity, structure, grammar and referencing.

You can submit a piece of writing of up to 4500 words for feedback up to six times each semester (which includes summer school). This could be useful whether you are preparing your proposal for your PGR9, an article for submission to a journal, or for sections of your thesis that you would like some extra feedback on. You will receive feedback within twenty-four hours of submission.

Here is a quick guide to getting started with Studiosity:

On the Blackboard homepage, you will see a panel on the right hand side of the screen that looks like this:

Studiosity panel on Blackboard homepage

Log in to Blackboard, then click on the green ‘Get study help’ button. This takes you to a similar screen, click on the green ‘Get study help’ button again.

When you use Studiosity for the first time you will be asked to set up a four digit PIN. When you log in to Studiosity you will see a screen that looks like this:

Studiosity home page

To request writing feedback, first click the green button to ‘Submit your document’.

Select your level of study

Select your level of study and click ‘Confirm’.

Studiosity document upload page

Drag and drop your file into the box at the top of the screen, or find it using browse. You can add a short description in the box below, to provide some context for the reviewer.

Click to indicate where you are up to with the document, whether it is a first draft, nearly there, or ready to hand in. You do not need to select Related paper unless your writing is connected to a specific paper you are enrolled in.

Use Document type to indicate what type of writing you are submitting, e.g. essay or report. You can also select ‘other’ and then specify the type of document, such as journal article or excerpt of a thesis chapter. Use the check boxes to select which type(s) of feedback you would like to receive from your reviewer.  

Check that the email address for notifications is your preferred account, you can change this if you need to. Finally, click ‘Submit for Review’, and wait to receive your feedback.

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