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We here at Thesislink have noticed a recent trend towards summing up complex doctoral theses as briefly as possible.

Whether they are Dumbed-Down Theses or One-Sentence Theses, these are dissertations for the Twitter era. And the interwebs are full of them right now.

Some of my personal favourites include:

“Nanoparticles are weird and I accidentally made a bomb and electrocuted myself.” By M33

“A 100-page think piece about think pieces.” [Source]

“Dead birds were really sexy. Before they were dead, that is.” [Source]

This trend is a little like 3 Minute Thesis, in which you have to boil your thesis down to a 3 minute talk with one slide. Except this makes 3 minutes seem positively expansive.

After a lot of soul-searching, I think my dumbed-down thesis title would be:

“Genetic engineering could produce superhumans, but fiction is all like, nah… probably  not.”

Phew, that is shorter than my actual thesis title! But surprisingly hard to write.

Add your tiny thesis summary in the comments and check out more in the links above.



About Anaise Irvine

Dr Anaise Irvine is the Editor of Thesislink. She has a research background in science and narrative. Her PhD research analysed how contemporary films and novels represent genetic engineering as a social justice issue. She has previously researched fictional representations of evolution and quantum mechanics. She has taught such diverse texts as Blade Runner and Bridget Jones’s Diary, and her most obscure skill is being able to turn novels into phylogenetic trees!

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