Throwback Thursday – Need a Transcribing App?

This post first appeared here on Thesislink on 20 November 2014. The transcribe app is still available free but note that the prices for transcribing your data are in US dollars.

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Recently I’ve started gathering data for my study. Due to the time factor, I decided not to transcribe my own focus group sessions and interview data. One of my supervisors suggested I give a go. TranscribeMe is an online transcribing service. I have used them for all of my transcription work so far and their service has been excellent.

To use their service, download their app to your smartphone. Please note that it is only the app that is free. Record the focus group session or interview using the app. The file is uploaded for transcribing at the press of a button. Use the menu to select various options.  For example, state the number of speakers in the session and choose between 1-7 days to get it transcribed. You will need to provide credit card details. A useful service is their price page, where you can get an immediate quote for a transcription. But be aware that their prices are in US dollars.

While I use the TranscribeMe app to record my data gathering sessions, I also have a backup recorder.  As a backup, I use an iPod with the iTalk app. It’s free and it’s really good.

What are you using for recording and who transcribes your data? We’d love to hear your experiences.

About Julia Hallas

Julia Hallas contributes to Thesislink posts in the hope of overcoming her procrastination and worry about completing the PhD so that she can develop some sound research skills. She enjoyed worked with Jennie Billot on Thesislink’s inception and continues her role as advisor to the team. Julia is a Teaching Consultant at the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

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