Your Development Planner for 2020

As a research student, you’ll learn and grow from the work that you do every day as part of your programme. That is, after all, why you’re here!

But just as working people sometimes step back from their daily jobs to undertake professional development, so too research students can look outside their immediate programmes to supplement their development as researchers and academics.

It’s important to take a well-rounded approach as you build your research skills. That’s why AUT offers lots of free workshops, events, and resources that can strengthen your research muscles in new and innovative ways. For instance: did you know that you can get training on how to apply to a conference, and how to present? Or that you can meet up with careers experts to hear about applying for academic roles? Or that you can join a peer group of research students who share your interests?

There are so many options that it can be difficult to keep track of what’s on offer. To make it easy to see your options, the Graduate Research School publishes a Postgraduate Researcher Development Planner each year. The 2020 edition is embedded below. It’s also available on the Thesislink AUT Resources page and on the Student Digital Workspace ‘Plan your Researcher Development‘ page.

This planner brings together the AUT postgraduate workshops, events, resources, and support offerings from the GRS, Library, Ethics team, Careers team, and more. It displays each offering according to the research stages and activities to which it best relates. That means that, no matter what you’re doing or how far along you are in your programme, you can find the best training options and support services for your needs.

When you view the planner online, you can click any item to find more information (or, for workshops, to book your place).

Bookmark your planner now to save yourself some time when you next need to find some training or other support. Help is out there!

About Graduate Research School (Auckland University of Technology)

The Auckland University of Technology Graduate Research School offers support and resources to all postgraduate students at AUT. Come and visit us on the 5th floor of the WU building.

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